Dr. Porfirio

Porfírio Azevedo Gomes Law Firm is a law firm that combines the experience of lawyers, who have been practising Law for over 20 years with the undiminished enthusiasm of young lawyers. Partners, associates and interns all share the same commitment to quality services and due respect for clients.

The skilled team of Porfírio Azevedo Gomes Law Firm is well prepared to handle, in and out of court, the complex diversity of problems related to transactions and business in today’s world.

The law firm covers different practice areas with different teams working together as a team. Communication and mutual cooperation are encouraged so as to allow the expected goals to be achieved.

Different teams focus on different branches of the law but do not work in isolation. On the contrary, their activities are performed in an interconnected and interdependent manner. Thus, for instance, in trade transactions, work is governed not only by Commercial Law, but also by Tax, Administrative and Labor rules. Likewise, in a real estate transaction, the interested party must not be limited to this branch of Civil Law. It is imperative to consider the implications of Tax Law, the restrictions of Administrative Law (Urban Planning Law and Right to Build) and of Environmental Law and even the requirements of Family Law and Inheritance Law, given the constraints that may be imposed on property rights and property availability.

No matter what the subject matter or the practice area may be, the firm is fully qualified to draft, examine, review or assist in the negotiation of national and international contracts.

While in the modern world specialization is essential, the different specialized sectors do not operate independently, especially in the legal area.

This is why the firm is supported by a structure that not only allows but also stimulates close cooperation among the different teams. This explains the existence of specialized professionals working closely with lawyers who have great experience and broad knowledge of the different areas of the law.

Clients often retain the firm to act as their legal department. In these cases, the firm deals with and provides legal advice on all matters related to corporate law, particularly in examining purchases and / or supply agreements, joint venture consortia, as well as tax and labor issues and possible litigation.

This spirited teamwork ensures a good relationship with the legal departments of companies, both in joint actions as well as in strategic support.

Ever since it was founded, the respectability and the capability of the law firm have earned it significant manifestations of public recognition.

The main objective of this law firm is to offer juridical services of the highest level, helping clients to find adequate and objective solutions to problems encountered, besides organizing their businesses, strategically, in advantageous and practical way.


In this respect, not only the professionals, in a coordinated manner, face the issues brought by the clients but they also anticipate them by offering solutions and, in many cases, avoiding that problems begin with all the inconveniences that the unfolding in the course of time of the judicial matters cause. Hence, it maintains a close contact with the client, advising him of the legislative changes and of the administrative and judicial decisions which could influence his business and also on products and alternatives that can attract financial benefits, fiscal economy and cost reduction, creating opportunities to answer to the expectations of the interested parties.

The firm provides client support whenever necessary, seeking to resolve all issues in the most practical manner and always in compliance with the legislation in force.

The firm is qualified to issue legal opinions on matters related to all its areas of activity including tax law, corporate law, contract law, and others.

Aware of the constant updating necessity, the Firm has set up a highly specialized library, thus making it possible to keep a close track on the legislative changes and as well as on the most recent judicial decisions.

The office is located on the main street of Macau, with easy access and little traffic.

Finally, this law firm is a member of the global legal network – LaWorld. It is also a member of the national legal network in the People’s Republic of China – Yangtzejiang.

We have also been a member of the European Association of Lawyers (AEA), the largest network of world lawyers. The European Association of Lawyers (AEA) is an international network of offices covering most of the world countries. The offices that enjoy the best prestige and importance in each country have been selected; those who count with the best professionals. The network has its origin within the European Union and with time, has been expanding to the remaining countries in the world, beginning with the countries that not yet belong to the EU, and followed by the majority of countries of America, Asia and Africa. The AEA presents the largest net of the world lawyers, as there is no other net of offices that cover so many countries and locations.