In 1980, attorney Porfírio Azevedo Gomes decided to open his own law firm.

Since its foundation in 1980, the law firm had focused mainly on litigation, in the area of Private Law and of Public Law. It has rigorously maintained its work philosophy, efficiency standards and the ethical standards.

The firm’s motto: "Reliability as an achievement and improvement as ongoing pursuance", makes of Porfírio Azevedo Gomes Law Firm a traditional firm, but also one that constantly renews and updates itself following the needs of Macau and of its clients.

The Structure

meeting room

The team of Porfírio Azevedo Gomes Law Firm comprises 15 persons. Interns carefully selected from the best Law Schools support the services provided, in full compliance with the principles of the firm. The lawyers have a vast professional experience, being on average 45 years old and having over 20 years of practice.

As to the operational aspect, the technical support personnel offer all the support by undertaking ancillary and intermediary tasks. The firm also has a network of external consultants which provide a range of services, such as expert reports, technical advisory, accounting and scientific research.

This structure is meant to provide complete and reliable services whether within the manifold domain of the Law or in issues of local, national or international jurisdiction.

For services outside of Macau, Porfírio Azevedo Gomes Law Firm relies on a network of partners that comprises associated law firms in the USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Europe and Asia, in addition to correspondents in Lisbon, Porto (Portugal), Amsterdam (Holland), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing (China) and in major Brazilian Capital cities, especially Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo respectively.

We have also become a member of The European Association Of Lawyers (AEA), as it was already herewith mentioned. With its extensive network, we can undoubtedly help increase our work efficiency.